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Urmia Lake is among the largest wetlands in the world with the unique environmental and socio economic values. Production of Artemia,Unicellular Algae, various high value salts, black mud with specific medicinal nature and touristic attractions of Lake Urmia, are highly valuable socio-economic potentials that are being lost due to drying. Lake Urmia as a unique wetland ecosystem was the key factor for pleasant climate of the region. Annual migration of tens of thousands of birds to the lake had converted it into an important international wetland. Economic activities and attraction of numerous local and foreign tourists were sources of job and key for cultural development of the region.Climate change, traditional and low irrigation efficiency, inconsistency of cropping pattern with regional crisis, evacuation of underground water and lose of equilibrium between underground and surface waters, irresponsible expansion of dam construction, excessive transfer of surface/underground water for industrial/aquaculture uses, mismanagement of water resources during critical conditions and in general disrespect to the water share of Urmia Lake intensified the crisis. It seems that if the scientists and leaders do not plan for a rapid action salvation program, the Lake Urmia will definitely lead to complete drying and following that an environmental catastrophe may turn into a human tragedy. Therefore we invite the scientists and experts all over the world to share knowledge, experience and expertise with us by presenting their papers and ideas for overcoming the crisis and for better management of the Lake Urmia. 

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